Tiigi Nulk

Tiigi Nulk

It is a two-storied log cabin on a bank of a big pond; there is a fireplace, wood sauna and sauna hall, kitchen and rest-rooms on the first floor. On the second floor, there are living-rooms – 4 rooms, 7 beds and 2 washrooms with floor heating. There are 2 additional beds.

Number of beds per room is following:
Room no.1 – room for one
Room no.2 – room for one
Room no.3 – room for three with 3 separate beds, extra bed possible
Room no.4 – room for two with 2 separate beds, extra bed possible

Booking price includes:
■in rooms – bed-clothes, towels and sauna cloth
■in washrooms and rest-rooms – toilet-paper, one-time towels and soap; shampoo and other washing equipment in not included in booking price
■in the kitchen – use of kitchen utensils, dish-washing liquids, dish-drying towels, garbage bags
■initial kindling wood
■sauna up to 3 hours

The customer keeps order in all other parts of building, i.e. used dishes should be washed by the customer. If you wish you may order the corresponding service.

Tiigi Nulk
Tiigi nulk - from outside
Tiigi nulk - hall
Tiigi nulk - room
Tiigi Nulk

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